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Always Beautiful Teaser before the big release next week!


His head stayed low, not making eye contact with anyone as he moved forward. His disheveled brown hair fell slightly on his forehead. Zeppelin was shirtless now. His sine…wy muscles in all their tattooed glory mesmerized me. I hadn’t noticed last night the definition in his abs and that V that appeared at his hips, narrowing just above the waistband of the black shorts he was wearing. My heart hammered in my chest as he stepped into the square and next to Matt. Zeppelin was without a doubt gorgeous. I wasn’t sure if it was the heat of the crowded room or the guy in the square, but my body was suddenly warm all over.

“Damn, he is hot!” Hannah spoke in my ear again. “Yeah he is.” I agreed. “Like serious lady boner over here.” She added. I giggled and shook my head. “You have a boyfriend who is standing like five feet away from you.” I scolded. Hannah shrugged. “I can look. It’s not like I’m married.” She replied. I shifted my gaze back to the square as Matt began speaking again.

“Take a corner.” He said to both of the guys in the square. Gregory walked over to the far one across from us and Zeppelin took the one opposite him which was right where we were standing. “Crush him Zep.” Josh hollered and slapped his shoulder. Zeppelin nodded and looked up at him with a mischievous grin.

  Enter my sex drive, long lost from lack of use. I could feel the heat pool low in my belly. Zeppelin shifted his gaze to me and winked. I bit my lip to stifle the moan that nearly escaped. This boy was dead sexy and I could totally agree with Hannah right now, lady boner indeed. Zeppelin narrowed his eyes at me and cocked his head. A wide grin spread across those full lips of his and he chuckled. I knew that he knew what I was thinking. I’m sure it was written all over my face. I downed what was left of my beer and looked away from him.

Always Beautiful Copyright @2013 M.K. Oien

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