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Let Me Down News

I’ve made the decision to place Let Me Down exclusively on Amazon. Because of this, it is now also FREE in Kindle Unlimited. If you’re a subscriber, you now have access to read this book at your leisure at no cost. Paperbacks are also available on Amazon as well! So get that one click finger moving and get your copy today!


I caught sight of a guy coming from Nicole and Dustin’s apartment. He had bleach blonde hair with dark roots. He was tall with a lean muscular build and I knew that because he was shirtless. His black jeans hung low on his hips, showcasing lower back muscles that made my mouth water. He twisted his head back slightly as I came down the stairs, his brown eyes giving me a brief once over. He had piercings in each of his ears, small gauged black studs.I continued on to my car for the rest of my haul, eyes flitting toward him occasionally as he headed for the motorcycle parked next to mine. I armed myself with the rest of my bags, slamming the trunk shut. As I wandered back up the stairs, I glanced at him again, seeing that he was grabbing something from within the small cargo box on the back. His eyes flicked up while I was totally checking him out, slamming into mine. I quickly shifted my attention in front of me, bolting up the rest of the stairs. My heart thundered in my chest, my cheeks warming.Cool. I just got caught checking out Knox Allen.

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