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New Series coming SPRING 2021

I am so excited to announce a new series that I am working on! The East Boys series is a spin-off of my Silver Series and it is a lot darker with the same sexy intrigue as Something to Hold Onto (Book 2).

Here is a first look teaser for your enjoyment!

You can also add SPY to your TBR on Goodreads here:

SPY (East Boys Series) Blurb:

In New York City, the mafia controls the underground. All other gangs follow suit or pay the price. My job is to go undercover and gain information to ensure order instead of chaos. I live by the following rules: 1. Don’t get caught 2. Learn as much as I can about the enemy 3. Report back to my uncle’s captain 4. Don’t fall in love with the enemy’s daughter 5. Repeat step 4 6. Keep repeating step 4 7. Disregard the above steps 8. There are no more rules. Just take apart the group from the inside and pray like hell you make it out alive.

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