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Teaser from current WIP

This is a tease from my current WIP that is untitled at the moment.

*Subject to change/Edit*

“You want me to leave you two alone for a minute?” Zeppelin teased as he stood on the driver’s side of his ’67 Red GTO. I looked up at him. “I’m sure it would only take a minute. This car is definitely hot.” I joked. Zeppelin chuckled and shook his head. We both got into the car and I took in the feeling of the leather bucket seat. My gaze shifted to the center console. It was made of cherry wood with a long metal gear shifter in it. The shifter knob was a black and red swirled, marble looking ball. I closed my door quickly and reached for the seatbelt. Excitement filled me.

 The roar of the engine was music to my ears as the car came to life. Zeppelin put it in gear and began to make his way to the starting line where he stopped briefly. The smoke from the burning rubber invaded the GTO a little bit as Zeppelin hit the gas and break. “Damn.” I muttered. That was a wicked burn out. “You ready for the ride of your life princess?” He asked with a wide grin. I nodded. “Bring it on.”

©2013 M.K. Oien

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