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The East Boys

He’d rather die than dishonor her.

Steven Cline aka Fabiano Cuccione is one of the New York Mafia’s top spies. His latest job is acting as guard for the enemy’s daughter in order to gain intel on their diabolical plans.
Aida Ricci has been under her father’s thumb the last twenty-two years. When he decides to use her as trade to another group, she’s willing to do whatever it takes for freedom. Even if that includes working with the enemy.
Despite the dark world around them, Fab and Aida discover an intense connection and undeniable chemistry. When his cover is blown, she’s determined to prove her long dormant capabilities. Can Aida save the day? Or will the man she loves be forced to die in order to protect her?

Something To Believe In
Silver Series 1: Simon

She’s nothing he expected. He’s nothing she wanted.

Mackaela Stone is damaged. Haunted by her past, she’s worked hard to wall herself off from ever repeating the mistakes that left her feeling too filthy for love. But meeting Simon Silver might be enough to crack those fortifications—if he can overcome his own turbulent history.
Trusting one another is hard enough, but finding faith, hope and love may be more than they can manage. Is their connection enough to give them something to believe in? Or is the damage done too great to overcome?

Something To Hold Onto
Silver Series 2: Mickey

She was supposed to be the key to everything he ever wanted. He was the shadow of a past she swore she’d leave behind.

Claire Evan’s is risking it all. She knew her new job—working for the golden boy of Seattle, Mickey Silver—might be too good to be true. But the perks of playing his game were more than she could resist, even if the price included being dragged deeper into his cruel, dark world. Now his game of revenge may take them both down a path of mutual destruction.
Can working together finally open their eyes to what matters most? Or will the cost of cold ambition leave them both broken and alone?

Let Me Down

Maria Fredericks is starting over. After nearly a decade of living in the shadows of a deep depression and losing herself - she's finally moving on despite the struggles of a new life alone with her six year old daughter.
Knox Allen is no stranger to pain. Though he was able to obtain a second chance at life - he'll always remember the moments he felt insignificant.
Knox and Maria find solace in each other but the temporary respite is not as serene as they planned. Maria can't trust him or herself for that matter - Knox fears their unexpected bond will end up hurting him in the end.

Can two broken people survive the modern world and all the drama that goes along with it? Or will their fears get the best of them and leave them crashing and burning at the end of it all?

*Trigger Warning! (This book contains mature content related to suicide & depression)

Always Beautiful

Sometimes fate doesn’t just throw you a curve ball. It hits you in the face - Breaking your nose, blackening your eyes, and making you second guess everything you’ve spent your entire life working toward.

A carefree Summer romance quickly develops to something more after Lucky agrees to a date with Zeppelin. His easy going nature ruffles her meticulously planned life until he shows her what it's like to fall head first without worrying about the consequences.

When sparks turn to flames, the heat becomes too much. A life hangs in the balance and once Lucky learns that Zeppelin is harboring a profound secret, she's forced to make a decision. Will he allow her to follow him into the darkness or will he become nothing more than a heartbreaking memory to hold onto for the rest of her life?


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